Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation;
the old has gone, the new has come!

Friday, 3 April 2015

mod mod mid century modern pieces

This lovely set would be an asset to any home.

 Mod Mod chest of drawers would be a feature in any home in on trend black and white. 
These mid century modern drawers would look fantastic as a TV stand, entry hold all, sideboard in a dining room or as a bedroom chest of drawers. 

Team it with the very lovely matching Mod Mod corner table to make a room something special.

For Sale: Mod Mod Drawers $120
Mod Mod Corner Table: $50
Buy both: $150

Friday, 6 February 2015

the weekend decorator: how to have great wall art on the cheap

 Today in our Weekend Decorator segment I am going to share with you how to have great wall displays without spending a million bucks, maybe I should call this segment more dash than cash, as it really all about how to decorate without spending a fortune. 
Lots of people think that we must have oodles of money, but we don',t we are pretty much a single income family on a not very big salary with 6 kids, so we don't have lots to spend on making our home beautiful. 
What we lack in cash we make for in imagination and creating as much as we can ourselves.
Again I have looked to my home to share with you ideas I have implemented.
These pictures have been taken over a period of time, but most of them except one are still current, and no my home doesn't look like this all the time, it is very much a functioning busy home with lots of people who can create messes! 

Firstly wall displays don't need to be made up of fine art or expensive items, as always my first rule of thumb is shop your house.
I created the above display in our games room which is situated in the boys' bungalow where our 3 eldest children sleep.
This entire display has been created using kids artwork (another marvellous way to get great pictures for your walls) some photos that I had taken and had framed in upcycled frames and were previously in a kid's bedroom, some starfish I had laying around and some letters that my husband had cut out when playing with a scroll saw. 
I basically I arranged all these pieces together is a long rectangle that fitted along the length of the wall. 
All the pieces had a water or sea theme. 

 Another simple but effective to make a great wall display is a grouping of frames, these frames are all old family ones that I collected over the years from my grandparents, aunt and my mother. 
Some were not gold, so a bit of cheap gold spray paint took care of that.
I added my husband's and my initials to create a bit of a monogram.
My bedroom looks a little different to this now as I have painted the furniture and the frames have been changed out for another artwork which I will come to later.

From my last post you may know that I have a bit of a thing for clocks,
I have hankered after having a bit of a wall clock display for some time
Only one of these clocks in functioning to avoid confusion, the two with hands have them positioned at 6:30. 
One is a clock face pulled from a broken clock, another is a freebie I picked up and another is a cheapy from a chain store. 
The working clock was a little bit more expensive but I needed something that would tell time accurately 
I may add a couple of more clocks to this if I come across them, and I would like to put something behind the clock face to give it more depth.

Photographs can also make great wall displays, but they don't just need to be in frames.
These are displayed in an old window frame that I picked up at a 2nd hand shop 14 years ago and has been on my wall for almost as long.
 I know these seem to be on trend at the moment, I must have been ahead of the fashion! 
Here I have used black and white family photos, but you could use magazine cuttings or postcards or nature shots you have taken yourself.

Another way to display photos is in an old frame with chicken wire and simply peg the photos on.
These were really old snapshots that I came across is a pile of my mother's things, mainly family shots but a couple of car ones as well. 
Some are starting to curl so I probably need to take them off and flatten them again.

Make your display to highlight the room it is in. 
Here I have used some old embroidery hoops that I had laying around and scraps of fabric to create a display in my sewing room, teamed with the letters for SEW it makes for an effective display. 
The clock was a cheap one that I picked up, pulled apart and glued some fabric to the face.

Here is another example in the bathroom: some cheap canvases have been hung on the wall with some starfish glued on to create a quick and easy piece of art suitable for a wet area.

These cute whimsical pieces are simply images printed onto vintage maps and framed in op shopped frames, painted white.

Here is another collection of items brought together in a squarish format.
The common theme of these items is the colour.
The photo is from a postcard blown up back in my college days that I have had for many years, and has sentimental value to my husband and me. Several frames are old doilies glued onto black cardboard.
Two more prints done onto vintage book pages this time in black and white.
The string art letter was done by "son of redeemed". 
The top left piece, I made by taking photos of stuff around the yard and then editing them into a black and white collage to say "love". 
Mounted on the charcoal feature wall it becomes an effective display.

Remember my bedroom wall before?
Here is what it looks like now.
I found this old print at an op shop and planned to make it into a chalkboard, but when I brought it home it seemed to cry out to me that it would look great in my bedroom.
 So instead I upcycled it by repainting the frame, then washing a grey over the actual print and wiping it off. 
I then used a white marker to write "Love is all you need!"

Finally, an easy changeable piece of wall art is having a framed blackboard, you can change this up with the seasons, to reflect a birthday or if you are an artist maybe a cool chalk picture (think Mary Poppins)

As with all artwork in your home make sure it is something you love, is pleasing to your eye and that it is balanced nicely with your colour scheme and style of home.
Don't forget my number one rule for decorating step back and look from a distance to see if it works!

Friday, 23 January 2015

the weekend decorator: collections

 Today I thought I might start something a little bit new.
I am going to try and post a decorator segment called
 "The Weekend Decorator" each week.

This week I thought we might look at collections.
 I have a few collections that I have been building on for a couple of years, nothing too expensive, but things I like and enjoy the thrill of finding something to add to one. 
 I have some rules in my head of how much I am prepared to pay for a piece
 (I am a cheapskate so it isn't very much!) and I stick to that. 
This prevents me from going overboard and from buying too many items or spending too much on an item.
 I also love it when an item can be had for free!

My definition of a collection is 3 or more objects that are similar enough to be grouped together or have a common theme.
At the moment my collections consist of a vintage alarm clock collection, a globe collection, a metal teapot collection, and a lantern collection.

Collections should if possible be displayed and can enhance and add interest to your home.
 They can be at eye level or they can be displayed up higher or indeed lower if you don't have any little people in your life. 
You can leave them out if you don't mind giving them the occasional dust or they can be in a display cupboard. 
I prefer mine out where I can enjoy them and they can add visual interest to my home. 
When grouping your collection for display look at size and amount.
It is often easier to display odd numbers of items than it is even numbers.
 Smaller objects should be in the foreground and larger items at the back. 

You could display them in order of height if that works on your shelf or display area or you can mix it up a bit.
When decorating one thing I find is essential to getting a display right is to step back. 
Look at the display from a distance, is the spacing even, can you see every piece, does it look balanced and pleasing to the eye or does something jar?
If so go back, change it around and then step back again.
Sometimes a display may needing tweaking a couple of times to get it right.
When you are satisfied, sit back and enjoy!
A collection should bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart!

A word of warning! 
Don't let a collection become an obsession or get out of control!
I recently saw an episode of "The Hoarder Next Door" and this lady had a Disney Collection that had got so bad it had overtaken her whole house!
Set a limit on how many items your collection is going to have and stick to it. Once you have reached that limit, if you find a new item you can't live without then you have to let another one go. Follow the one in one out rule!
My Vintage Clock collection and metal tea pot collection are now for me at capacity. 
Now if I find any other things ones I really want something will have to go.
As for my globe collection my capacity is 9, I can still add a few and once I do I will look at replacing some of the more modern globes with more vintage ones.

A collection doesn't have to be valuable or trendy, but something that you enjoy and makes your soul sing!
Do you have a collection or two?

Sunday, 2 November 2014

oh so hip!

This gorgeous vintage retro buffet/ drawer unit is available for sale along with the nesting tables (small stool also pictured sold)

Two drawers have been finished with aqua and orange paint and the other two have been left in a natural timber finished and waxed, the insides of all drawers have been painted for a clean fresh feel. The legs have been stripped and oiled and the bottom finished in chrome spray paint, as one of the metal ends was MIA.
The aqua and orange nesting tables match it perfectly.
Would look fabulous in a living room, entry way or even a child's room!
Ready and waiting for it's new owners to take it home!

For Sale: $125 
Nesting tables $30
Buy both for $140
local delivery included
 Funky teal vase set also for sale: $25 for both.

i heart you trolley

 This gorgeous grey vintage trolley with drawers and cupboard underneath would make a perfect tea trolley with storage for all your bits and pieces, could be used as a sewing table, or craft trolley or a play table with storage underneath for children, or even for a TV stand, really it's uses are only limited by your imagination.

It has cute little heart knobs and the inside has been finished in pink.

For Sale: $80 includes free local delivery

sea change dining set

Beautiful sea change table  and 4 chairs

This gorgeous 4 seat pedestal table and 4 matching chairs has been redeemed with aqua and white chalk paint, distressed and sealed.
It is hard to find these lovely pedestal tables.

Would suit a variety of homes from beachy to country to vintage.

Priced at $300 with free local delivery included. SOLD

Monday, 30 June 2014

redeemed clocks

New to redeemed are these fabulous upcycled clocks.

 An old biscuit tin gets a new life as a clock.

 What a cool statement piece this book clock makes.

 For the music lovers

or those who hark back to a previous era
are these fabulous retro record clocks.

All clocks prices at just $20
More clocks will be available shortly.