Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation;
the old has gone, the new has come!

Friday, 6 December 2013

vintage filing cabinet

This lovely vintage filing cabinet was looking very tired and sad when I got it.
Using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in typewriter I have freshened it up and given a whole new look.

 Here is the side before.

 Here it is after the milkpaint has dried.

Here it is with half the hemp oil applied, it is an amazing difference.

The drawers were painted with typewriter too, but a little more watered down and lightly distressed.
 The top was kept natural and has just been coated in the hemp oil.
It has a pull out shelf to read files on.
I have replaced the timber handles with new brass  catalogue drawer pulls.
I love how it looks now!

sweetheart collection

I have named this chair "sweetheart", it just seemed to suit her.
The footstool was finished before and had been named "sweet for feet".
I like to give names to my furniture, just makes it more fun somehow!
She has been painted in a lovely bright pink and recovered in a pretty lemon floral.

Photo: these lovely sweetie cushions, match the sweetheart chair and stool
Now there are also some sweetie cushions to match!

Photo: this is a pink with a tiny polka dot and finished with a pretty lemon flower
The first cushion is a cute pink with a tiny polka dot and matches the underside of the chair.
I made a lovely fabric double yo-yo flower to jazz it up.

Photo: this long cushion has a cute pink polka dot flower to embellish it
This long cushion is the reverse with the main fabric the lemon floral and the flower in the pink polka dot.

This collection would look fabulous in any home!

kids collection

 I have lots of fun redeeming these things for little people in time for Christmas.

This gorgeous dolls house needed a new paint job and a few little additions to make it inhabitable again!

I kept the inside simple so that the new owner can decorate and furnish as they wish.
The curtains have been made from a redeemed vintage doily. SOLD

Photo: How cool is this Lego storage unit with Lego base plates to create masterpieces on and three drawers for storage, perfect for any Lego enthusiast!
These drawers were very plain when I got them, but then inspiration hit and I decided it would be perfect for a Lego play centre.
Painted in bright Lego colours, it is perfect storage for Lego and other toys in the drawers and the top can be used for all sorts of creations with the base plates! SOLD

 This lovely rocking horse was bought in a very sad condition and originally redeemed for our eldest 18 years ago.
Our six children have all played on him and now with our youngest almost seven,
 it was time for him to get another makeover and move onto another loving family. SOLD

I picked up this retro kids table and chairs in a very sad condition, with the top all swollen and in need of replacing.
It now has a fresh coat of all natural milk paint and chalkboard inset into the table and on the back of the chairs, ready for lots of fun and games. SOLD

Thursday, 31 October 2013

dandelion table and chairs

 I just love how this table and chairs came together.

I had the chairs and thought I would like a table to go with them and make a nice setting.
I found a table that I liked and set to work. 
I had a vision of black chairs with a black and white fabric, 

when I saw this dandelion print I knew it would be perfect.

This led me to do black legs on the table and then a white top with dandelions to match the chair covers.

Photo: Lots of Works in Progress here at the moment- getting ready for the markets next week. I have been a bit bold here with this extendable table- there will be some lovely chairs to match!
The table opens out to reveal some more dandelions inside

 I love this setting, if I had a smaller family I would definitely keep it, but alas it has to be sold.
Come along and see it at the TAFE markets on Saturday.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

cafe heart & soul

I have been hanging on to these photos for a while and am happy to be able to share them with you today.
I was approached by Rachael and Shelley, a few months back,
after some furniture for a cafe that they were opening.
Not only were they wanting lots of lovely eclectic pieces,
they are also Christian and into wholefoods and healthy eating. 
So good for this Christian, gluten free, sugar free girl!

 I  did these shutters for the front of the shop.
(pictured here over my white ones)

Here they are out the front of the shop.

 I redeemed this old dressing table.

 I heavily distressed the outside,

 While keeping the inside fresh.

 Doesn't it look fabulous now!

 Here it is set up in the shop, looking beautiful.
This lovely wicker setting was in fabulous condition, 
it just needed some new paint and slip covers.

Here it is now.
I can not claim the cushion covers though as I was not feeling confident enough in my sewing abilities to pull them off, fortunately Rachael's MIL was able to make them.

I repainted the set as well as reupholstered the bases.

Here they are set up in the shop.

I was happy to be able to help them find these chairs.
 We were refurbishing our Church hall at the time and I happened to be in charge of selling off the old chairs.
Don't they look great with the timber table!

Here is the lovely Rachael behind the counter.
The girls have done a fabulous job decorating the space and I popped in yesterday on opening day and I must say the food was delicious!
I know I will be a regular!

Friday, 25 October 2013

white milk

 This lovely old captains chair has been redeemed with a white milk paint, before being distressed and finished with hemp oil.

This gives it a lovely silky smooth finish and it is also non toxic.
It reminds me of the playschool story chair.
For sale at the Jacaranda Tafe Markets.

french grey coffee table

This lovely french inspired coffee table will be available for sale at the TAFE Jacaranda Markets on 2nd November

 It is has been finished in milk paint and hemp oil giving it a beautiful silky feel as well as being non- toxic.
Would look beautiful in any home!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

musical chair

A musical chair.

  This gorgeous old timber chair was in desperate need of some redeeming love.

 It has now been transformed with some black paint

 and vintage music sheets.

It will also be for sale at the TAFE Jacaranda Markets on the 2nd November.

Just the thing for someone with a love of music.

unique planters

I have recently made these gorgeous planters complete with plants.
 They will be for sale at the TAFE Jacaranda Markets on Saturday 2nd November.

These chairs have been covered in chicken wire, spray painted and planted up.
They would look great in a garden amongst the plants or on a veranda or porch.
They are living at my back door at the moment, the plants have grown since I took these photos.

Available in red as well as the black

These discarded bird cages have also been redeemed into unique planters.

 This gorgeous teal birdcage stand looks fabulous teamed with a planter birdcage.

The stand will also be available at the TAFE markets.
Stay tuned for more fabulous redeemed items over the next few weeks and make sure you come along to the markets to see all my fabulous redeemed items.

Monday, 29 July 2013

headboard bench

 This fabulous bench has been constructed using a discarded headboard and footboard from a bed.

 It features a timber seat and metal scroll brackets at the side.

 I think it would look fabulous in an entry hall or on a front veranda.
It would be equally lovely in a garden, though I cannot guarantee that it won't rust- personally I like a little rust to add character to my garden objects.
For Sale: $80 SOLD