Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation;
the old has gone, the new has come!

Friday, 6 December 2013

kids collection

 I have lots of fun redeeming these things for little people in time for Christmas.

This gorgeous dolls house needed a new paint job and a few little additions to make it inhabitable again!

I kept the inside simple so that the new owner can decorate and furnish as they wish.
The curtains have been made from a redeemed vintage doily. SOLD

Photo: How cool is this Lego storage unit with Lego base plates to create masterpieces on and three drawers for storage, perfect for any Lego enthusiast!
These drawers were very plain when I got them, but then inspiration hit and I decided it would be perfect for a Lego play centre.
Painted in bright Lego colours, it is perfect storage for Lego and other toys in the drawers and the top can be used for all sorts of creations with the base plates! SOLD

 This lovely rocking horse was bought in a very sad condition and originally redeemed for our eldest 18 years ago.
Our six children have all played on him and now with our youngest almost seven,
 it was time for him to get another makeover and move onto another loving family. SOLD

I picked up this retro kids table and chairs in a very sad condition, with the top all swollen and in need of replacing.
It now has a fresh coat of all natural milk paint and chalkboard inset into the table and on the back of the chairs, ready for lots of fun and games. SOLD

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