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Friday, 23 January 2015

the weekend decorator: collections

 Today I thought I might start something a little bit new.
I am going to try and post a decorator segment called
 "The Weekend Decorator" each week.

This week I thought we might look at collections.
 I have a few collections that I have been building on for a couple of years, nothing too expensive, but things I like and enjoy the thrill of finding something to add to one. 
 I have some rules in my head of how much I am prepared to pay for a piece
 (I am a cheapskate so it isn't very much!) and I stick to that. 
This prevents me from going overboard and from buying too many items or spending too much on an item.
 I also love it when an item can be had for free!

My definition of a collection is 3 or more objects that are similar enough to be grouped together or have a common theme.
At the moment my collections consist of a vintage alarm clock collection, a globe collection, a metal teapot collection, and a lantern collection.

Collections should if possible be displayed and can enhance and add interest to your home.
 They can be at eye level or they can be displayed up higher or indeed lower if you don't have any little people in your life. 
You can leave them out if you don't mind giving them the occasional dust or they can be in a display cupboard. 
I prefer mine out where I can enjoy them and they can add visual interest to my home. 
When grouping your collection for display look at size and amount.
It is often easier to display odd numbers of items than it is even numbers.
 Smaller objects should be in the foreground and larger items at the back. 

You could display them in order of height if that works on your shelf or display area or you can mix it up a bit.
When decorating one thing I find is essential to getting a display right is to step back. 
Look at the display from a distance, is the spacing even, can you see every piece, does it look balanced and pleasing to the eye or does something jar?
If so go back, change it around and then step back again.
Sometimes a display may needing tweaking a couple of times to get it right.
When you are satisfied, sit back and enjoy!
A collection should bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart!

A word of warning! 
Don't let a collection become an obsession or get out of control!
I recently saw an episode of "The Hoarder Next Door" and this lady had a Disney Collection that had got so bad it had overtaken her whole house!
Set a limit on how many items your collection is going to have and stick to it. Once you have reached that limit, if you find a new item you can't live without then you have to let another one go. Follow the one in one out rule!
My Vintage Clock collection and metal tea pot collection are now for me at capacity. 
Now if I find any other things ones I really want something will have to go.
As for my globe collection my capacity is 9, I can still add a few and once I do I will look at replacing some of the more modern globes with more vintage ones.

A collection doesn't have to be valuable or trendy, but something that you enjoy and makes your soul sing!
Do you have a collection or two?